School Beginners (Gr R & Gr 1)

School Readiness Assessment

The first five years of life are critical to a child’s lifelong development. Young children’s earliest experience and environment set the stage for future development and success in school and life. Going to school is the first steps in what could be a successful and prosperous career. Taking the right first steps can play an important part in your child’s future. The PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre presents a professional school readiness assessment with the Aptitude Test for School Beginners (ASB).

Definition of School Readiness

According to Grove and Hauptfleisch (1976) school readiness can be defined “as a broad term which includes intellectual, social and emotional maturity. Readiness is a stage in a child’s development when he can learn easily, effectively and without emotional disturbance”.

The National Education Goals Panel has proposed that five domains of children’s learning and development should be included in the definition of school readiness to provide a more holistic perspective on the full range of a child’s capabilities.

The five domains are:

  • Physical well-being and motor development
  • Social and emotional development
  • Approaches towards learning
  • Language development
  • Cognitive and general knowledge.
How will the Aptitude Test for School Beginners Benefit Children?

Subtest of the Aptitude test for School Beginners

  • Perception – determine visual perception
  • Spatial – ability to visualize
  • Reasoning – logical thinking
  • Gestalt – physical structures
  • Memory – visual memory
  • Co-ordination – evaluates the child’s motor skills
  • Verbal Comprehension – comprehension of the spoken word(s)
  • Numerical – ability to count and grasp quantities, proportions and numbers
Aptitude Test for School Beginners

What is the Aptitude Test for School Beginners?

This test battery aims to obtain a comprehensive picture of specific aptitudes and evaluates the cognitive aspects of school readiness. The ASB plays an important role in the investigation of school readiness, since it gives a good indication of the abilities the child has acquired in his pre-school years, thus his level of cognitive and perceptual development.

Purpose of the Aptitude Test for School Beginners

The purpose of the Aptitude Test for School Beginners is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the child’s perceptual, cognitive and language development. This can be compared to the norm group and teaching can be planned according to the needs of the individual.

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