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Psychometric Assessments for School Learners

The PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre provides psychometric assessments for school learners, ranging from School Readiness Assessments for pre-school learners to comprehensive Career Guidance Assessments for high-school students and adults. In the competitive world that we live today, information is a key to success and an invaluable aid when planning to succeed in career goals. These assessments are holistic in nature, allowing you to gain insight into your learners, their strengths and their limitations and ultimately gives guidance so that they may develop into the best version they can be.

Aptitude Test for School Beginners

Preparing to send your little one to school? The Aptitude Test for School Beginners (ASB) is a test battery that aims to obtain a comprehensive picture of specific aptitudes and evaluates the cognitive aspects of school readiness.

Gr 7- 9 Career Guidance Assessments

Career planning is a long term goal and the subjects selected during early high-school years can be of great value in laying the foundation for your child when starting their career path. This is a fundamental step in enhancing self-knowledge, the exploration of self development and career options, as well as facilitating informed choices regarding the future.

Gr 10 - 12 Career Guidance Assessments

The world awaits and it is time to make the crucial choices regarding the career path to aim towards. The PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre offers comprehensive Career Guidance Assessments crucial in facilitating informed decision making when selecting a suitable career path. These assessments will assist individuals to make congruent career choices, allowing them to find the career that can lead to a satisfactory life in a changing society.

Information on Career Guidance Assessments for School Learners

Our Place or Yours?

All the psychometric assessments that we have available can be conducted at the convenience of your own home, or with permission at your school or educational institution. Alternatively, you are welcome to have the psychometric assessments conducted at our offices centrally located in Centurion.

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